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The Webb County Heritage Foundation is proud to announce the selection of Millie Slaughter as President of the Republic of the Rio Grande for 2019-20. She will be inaugurated as President of the Republic of the Rio Grande during the Webb County Heritage Foundation’s annual Founders’ Day Celebration on Saturday, May 18 at 12 noon at the Laredo Center for the Arts in downtown Laredo.
As every year, the new President names individuals to serve as cabinet members, representing the historical characters that participated in the original republic’s administration.
Those cabinet members are: Representing Francisco Vidaurri y Villaseñor, Vice-President and delegate for Coahuila –Sr. Rosemary Welsh; representing Antonio Canales, Commander-in-Chief of the Army – Robert Sepúlveda.; representing Col. Antonio Zapata, Commander of the Cavalry – Jim Moore; representing Manuel Nina, Quartermaster General –Bill Green; representing Juan Francisco Farias, Secretary – Dr. Ricardo J. Solis; representing Juan Nepomuceno Molano, delegate for Tamaulipas – David Slaughter; and representing Manuel María de Llano, delegate for Nuevo Leon –Ramon Zertuche.
Past Presidents of the Republic of the Rio Grande have included: Congressman Henry Cuellar, Mr. Evan J. Quiros, Dr. Ray M. Keck, III, Ms. Judith G. Gutíerrez, Dr. José Roberto Juárez, Mrs. Norma Z. Benavides, Mr. Mercurio Martínez, Jr. Mrs. Elizabeth Foster, Mr. E.H. Corrigan, Mr. Sam Johnson, III, Mrs. Annabelle Uribe Hall, Mr. Renato Ramirez, Sr. María Luisa Vera and Sr. Rosemary Welsh, RSM, Shirley and Bob González, Betty and Oscar Moreno, Viviana Frank and Frank Rotnofsky, Gary Jacobs, and Ike Epstein.
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