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Laredo, TX – As a non-profit organization working for 42 years to protect Laredo’s history and heritage, the Webb County Heritage Foundation has enjoyed the strong commitment of many individuals that have served on its Board of Directors.
This year, the Foundation welcomed a slate of new officers including Board President, Michael Gonzalez. “I am truly honored to serve as Board President for the Webb County Heritage Foundation”, Gonzalez said. “My colleagues on the board and the team at the WCHF are outstanding. Their tireless work and advocacy will continue to ensure that the unique and rich history of our region will be available to enjoy for generations.” Other board members include 1st Vice-President Gabriela Mendoza-Garcia, 2nd Vice-President Antoinette Vela, 3rd Vice-President Rosa Maria de Llano, Secretary Sara Mendoza, Treasurer Judith G. Gutierrez, Rebeca Garza, Olivia Goren, and Alejandro Villarreal, IV. Advisory Board members are Steve Harmon, Joseph Mendiola, Dennis Kriewald, Roberto Vela, Armengol Guerra, Jim Moore, Rebecca Sepúlveda, and Susan Walker.
“We have been so fortunate, over many decades, to have the guidance, support, and hard work contributed by numerous community members who all share their love of local history, heritage education, historic architecture, and regional customs and traditions,” said Margarita Araiza, Executive Director. “We’ve had Board members from every walk of life – educators, homemakers, bankers, ranchers, lawyers, realtors, dance teachers, etc. – all of them pulling together to guide this organization over the years. It’s been beautiful to witness this team work.”
Members of this year’s Board of Directors gathered recently at the Villa Antigua Border Heritage Museum to extend an invitation to the Heritage Foundation’s Founders Day Celebration taking place after a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19. The Founders Day Celebration, which will honor Dennis E. Nixon as this year’s President of the Republic of the Rio Grande, will take place on Saturday, May 21 at 12 noon at the IBC Bank Annex Ballroom on Jacaman Rd.
The Celebration commemorates Laredo’s founding 267 years ago and honors Laredo’s founding families and descendants. It is also the event that presents Heritage Awards honoring outstanding commitment to historic preservation by individuals, organizations, and businesses.
The public is cordially invited to attend, and tickets may be purchased online at www.webbheritage.org or by calling the Heritage Foundation office at 956-727-0977.